About the CompanyAbout the Company

The Saxon Mozart Company — that’s extraordinary concerts and supporting young talents within the region. We produce, support, organize, preserve and enrich new musical pieces thanks to our concerts and projects. We work at high level locally and regionally, we have contacts all over Germany and abroad.

Let’s enjoy music together!

We support the musical creativity of children and youngsters and have lots to offer to all music lovers.

The Saxon Mozart Company was founded on 22/10/1991 in occasion of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 200th death anniversary as a non-profit organization. Ever since, the headquarters and main venue of events has been Chemnitz. The Company has circa 230 members and its purpose is the cultivation of classical music, supporting young talents and successful musicians, making new projects and leading children towards music. Its main concert-organizing job is the Saxon Mozart Festival, which has a different topic every year. The Company’s members get frequently involved in concerts played in the Villa Esche, the Waldenburg Castle, the Augustusburg Castle and the Lichtenwalde Castle.

Huge attention has been gained not only with the support project 100 Mozart’s Children, but also with scholarships, traineeships establishments, the Mozart Prize and the Mozart Needle. The Europe Summer Philharmonic and Summer Choir project, with almost 225 performers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and another six European countries, was visited by more than 3000 people this year.

The realization of projects depends on financial resources, sponsors and the support of the members (private persons, companies and institutions). Become a member and support us!